The Outfit Moray team are instructors and educators with a significant and broad range of skills and experience. We pride ourselves in holding the highest level of qualifications for every aspect of what we deliver; from the adventure activities we offer, to our expertise in social and environmental science, education, leadership and management, social enterprise, fundraising and event management.

We work with individuals and small groups never exceeding a ratio of one adult to four young people. On our holiday and respite weeks we have adult mentors who work with vulnerable children where this ratio increases.

As a community of interest and purpose, we share our values, develop a culture of leadership and appreciation and have a desire to make a difference to the lives of others through our charitable and socially enterprising work.

Outfit Moray changes lives by creating the opportunity for everyone to take part in outdoor learning & adventure irrespective of their ability, financial position or location.

To actively develop potential and make a difference to the lives of others, and in particular young people, their families and communities, through accessible and affordable outdoor learning and adventure: building self-confidence, growing self-esteem, encouraging life skills and improving health.

We take a holistic approach to developing potential, using outdoor adventure to build trust, to challenge and to provide focus; valuing courage, compassion, patience, perseverance and integrity. We encourage risk awareness and positive risk taking, teamwork, leadership and a selfless approach to others. It is our aim to increase happiness and improve well-being, encourage resourcefulness and create a sense of purpose in life.

We value volunteers, providing training and development opportunities to enhance their skills, enabling them to participate in our work and use outdoor adventure to change lives.

Always show compassion

Compassion underpins everything we do, we care about others and want to use outdoor learning, adventure and nature exploration to transform lives, to bring about societal change through our programmes and to be positive role models for our beneficiaries. With compassion comes empathy, unconditional actions and a selfless approach to others.

Never exclude anyone

We want to enable everyone to benefit from our work and as a charity we do not judge but accept those who are referred to us on a non-deficit basis, providing a nurturing and encouraging environment for everyone to learn; to make changes to their lives; to provide positive and lasting memories; to improve their health and increase their happiness.

Be the inspiration for others

We have a wealth of expertise and experience and have a desire to share this for the benefit of all. Just as we have been inspired by our love of the outdoors so too do we want to inspire others. Through the very positive outcomes of our work we want to inspire more supporters to allow us to continue making a difference.

Live the spirit of Adventure

A sense of adventure and being at one with our environment is something which we all share; the enormity of the natural world and our place in it; the broadened horizons; the clarity of thought; the opportunity presented and the perspective that we can gain. We live this spirit and want others to do the same – it is life changing!

Make our enthusiasm infectious

Enthusiasm frames our work, it drives us to look beyond the now and to find new ways of working. We want to share our passion and our energy, encouraging others to be dynamic and share our excitement at being able to make a positive difference to the lives of others.