Outfit Moray uses outdoor adventure activities to actively develop potential, building self-confidence; growing self-esteem; encouraging life skills; increasing happiness and improving health and well-being. We use activities such as abseiling, canoeing and mountain biking to build trust; to challenge; and to provide focus.

The majority of Outfit Moray’s work is with school groups, and we work with schools throughout the year – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter terms. We can work with groups of up to six or eight children (depending on support required) and our activities can be completely tailored to target different groups’ developmental and behavioural needs.

Our work naturally supports the Curriculum for Excellence Health and Well-being Experiences and Outcomes across all stages, especially the mental and emotional well-being; social well-being; physical well-being; movement skills, competencies and concepts; cooperation and competition; and evaluating and appreciating experiences. We also explore the importance of nutrition and safe and hygenic practices when in the outdoors, as well as many of the other Experiences and Outcomes such as Literacy across Learning: tools for listening and talking; and understanding, analysing and evaluating.

Outfit Moray can run anything from a one-off activity day; to a full-term of activities, building skills with a particular group. We’re fully flexible, and are able to work our activities around your needs – just give us a call on 01343 549 571 to discuss what you have in mind, and we’ll work with you to build a suitable programme.

Examples of what we provide include:

  • One-to-one development opportunities
  • A progressive programme of multiple activities
  • Go Mountain Bike progressive achievement award
  • Paddle Power canoeing progressive achievement award
  • Duke of Edinburgh canoeing and mountain biking expeditions


What Our Clients Say

“Outfit Moray has worked with groups of children from our P.7 year group, for the last three years. The fact that we are continuing to work with the organisation, year on year, in these times of financial hardship, must in itself, be testament to how highly we value the service provided. Individual class teachers have also organised one-off activities with Outfit Moray to address particular curricular areas and these have been very successful in supporting Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes.

We see a number of benefits for our pupils, including: taking part in activities which are impossible to provide in the school environment; building self-esteem; building confidence; and working on team-building skills.

In providing all of the above, the leaders from Outfit Moray have been most professional in their organisation including: flexibility in organising schedules to fit in with other school activities; taking account of medical needs; addressing educational and behavioural difficulties; being extremely inclusive for all those with physical difficulties and all additional support needs; addressing all statutory paperwork and permissions; and providing excellent, effective and courteous communications.

As a school, we are currently looking to increase our work with Outfit Moray; their cycle training activities provide invaluable life skills for primary-age children and with decreasing availability of Bikeability training, we feel that the group can fill this niche in a way that no other agency can currently offer. I am also very aware that a few of our vulnerable pupils took place in the Holiday and Respite Week – the effect on their self-esteem has been remarkable.

I cannot recommend the work of Outfit Moray highly enough and I sincerely hope that their work will be able to continue, well into the future. The organisation is making a huge contribution to the health and well-being of our young people, both as Responsible Citizens and Confident Individuals – not to mention the fun and excitement generated by the activities, which the children will both remember and benefit from, for the rest of their lives.”

Elizabeth Beattie, Head Teacher, Keith Primary School
“It was really fun being with Chris and I enjoyed it. We did lots of stuff. I enjoyed body boarding and gorge walking. It was nice being with Chris because he was calm and relaxed and fun to be with. Doing activities was fun . Sometimes we did things I didn’t want to do – challenges- but I done them anyway. They were challenges , but that’s a good thing, isn’t it? It made me more active. I learned bravery, and how to take risks, and it made me overcome my fears. I learned rope skills, and learned body boarding. Being in the water was one of my favourite things. I enjoyed being a sea urchin!

I would like to say thank you for taking me out showing me how to develop courage. I would like to go back out with you in the future – if that is possible!”

Graham Smith, Participant
I am a pupil of Craigellachie primary, I’m in P6 and all of my class went mountain biking with Outfit Moray in autumn. It was cold but still exciting. During our programme we had four sessions at three locations. We went to Ordiequish two times it had bomb hills, challenging terrain and lots of berms. Next we went to Glenlivet where there was a challenge course. Our final location was the Winding Walks in Fochabers. During our courses I learned how to do an M check on my bike to make sure it is safe to ride. I also learned new parts of a bike like a cassette. I felt much more confident by the end of our programme to go out biking more at home. I hope since I enjoyed it you will too.
Alex, Pupil, Craigellachie Primary School
I am a primary 6 at Craigellachie primary school and I went to many outstanding courses in Fochabers and Glenlivet it was a good course and I learned the parts of the bike and how to make it harder and easier if you are going up a hill. We had 4 terrific lessons. I felt confident that I could do it. I was proud that I had learned so much information about bikes and how to m check my bike. Ordiequish was my favourite place because it had bomb hills and a lot of downhills. I went with Outfit Moray it was even if it was muddy or rainy it was still fun. It is the best experience of my school times.
Georgia, Pupil, Craigellachie Primary School
I am a P6 at Craigellachie primary school and I have been mountain biking with Outfit Moray I went to Culbin forest then we went biking in Culbin forest. I felt happy after we went biking then I learnt bike downhill and keep your feet on the pedals. I’d like to go mountain biking again because I enjoyed it because I rode a special bike called the trike, it was very difficult to ride the other bikes.
Kyle, Pupil, Craigellachie Primary School