Outfit Moray aims to make outdoor learning and adventure accessible to all, irrespective of ability, financial position or location. We use activities such as abseiling, canoeing and mountain biking to actively develop potential, building self-confidence; growing self-esteem; encouraging life skills; increasing happiness and improving health and well-being.

Our charitable work is centred around vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, particularly groups of young people, and we work with groups like these throughout the year. We can work with groups of up to six people, of all ages from 8 upwards, and our activities can be completely tailored to target different groups’ needs.

Adventurous outdoor activities might sound a bit like conquering Mount Everest for some vulnerable groups, particularly those with physical disabilities, but many of the activities we offer can be adapted to be all-ability friendly. For example, we can raft canoes together to make them bigger and less susceptible to the elements; we have recumbent tricycles for those with balance or stability issues to enjoy mountain biking; or one of our instructors can accompany participants to descend in an assisted abseil.

Outfit Moray can run anything from a one-off activity day; to a programme of activities, building skills with a group. We’re fully flexible, and are able to work our activities around your needs – just give us a call on 01343 549 571 to discuss what you have in mind, and we’ll work with you to build a suitable programme.

“Working with Deaf and or Blind kids it is always hard to find a challenging but fun activity for the kids to take part in and for us as workers to feel supported to take the kids along. All the instructors at Outfit Moray are very open-minded and sociable, making the interaction with the kids super easy and they feel they can do things others wouldn’t believe they can. We were even lucky enough to meet Steve Bate (former Outfit Moray instructor, now visually impaired para-cyclist) on one of our excursions with Outfit Moray which was incredible.

Every person I’ve spoken to at Outfit has been friendly, understanding and professional, making everything from booking an activity to being out and about a very easy process to organise and arrange. We really appreciate the community feel at Outfit and every trip is talked about for months on end from our young people. They all surprise themselves with the challenges they are given and show their ability despite having a disability.”

Laura Towler, North East Sensory Services
“Moray Children and Young People’s Service offer activities to children with additional support needs during the term holidays. Outfit Moray has been involved with the service for almost a year, during these periods, facilitating the children’s service to provide challenging activities to our groups, which no one else in the area offers to such a high standard. The groups have participated with activities such as canoeing, archery, abseiling and even coasteering which for a number of children would have never been a possibility had it not been for the services of Outfit Moray. The team at Outfit Moray are fantastic, all staff provide the highest standard of care and support to the groups not only making the activities challenging but fun for all the children involved. The team provide the equipment, expertise and on occasion have very kindly assisted the children’s service with additional transportation to these activities. Since working in partnership with Outfit Moray, the feedback from the children and their families has been unbelievable, with comments such as “confidence building”, “enable my child to both have fun and stretch himself” and “always something new and exciting to choose from”. Outfit Moray has enabled the children’s service to provide our groups with unbelievable opportunities in our local area – highly recommended!!”
Lee-Ann McCabe, Cornerstone
Quarriers Carer Support Service (Moray) works in partnership with Outfit Moray to deliver creative activity breaks for unpaid Carers and their family members. Outfit Moray provide a fantastic range of activities, from workshops on how to look after your bike, or archery lessons, to the more adventurous surfing and rock climbing. Feedback from our service users has been consistently good:

“The staff were great, the activities were great and I made new friends. We had a really fun time. It was the best”. Young Carer aged 12 who cares for her mum.

“Outfit Moray staff were really good and came out before our trip to make sure my partner could use the trike. Getting out and doing something together really made my partner feel more like her old self. It was excellent.” – George who cares for his disabled partner and attended a biking break designed by Outfit Moray utilising adapted trikes bought by Quarriers.

We find staff to be very keen to listen to the needs of individuals and families and to develop experiences which meet their needs, help them develop new skills and give them a break from the challenges of day to day life. Outfit Moray staff are qualified, safety-conscious and most importantly extremely passionate about what they do – their enthusiasm is infectious. Quarriers looks forward to developing future opportunities with Outfit Moray.

Sandy Downing, Quarriers