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Working with Vulnerable Groups

We are able to support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, actively developing potential and helping shape their future lives with outdoor learning and adventure activities.

We work with Moray Council and local groups, such as Quarriers, throughout the year normally with groups of up to six people, of all ages from 8 upwards with our outdoor activities being tailored to target the specific needs of different groups. We also work closely with all Moray schools.

Working with vulnerable groups

Adventurous outdoor activities might sound a bit like conquering Mount Everest for some vulnerable groups, particularly those with physical disabilities, but many of the activities we offer can be adapted to be all-ability friendly. For example, we can raft canoes together to make them bigger and less susceptible to the elements; we have recumbent tricycles for those with balance or stability issues to enjoy mountain biking; or one of our instructors can accompany participants to descend in an assisted abseil.

Outfit Moray can run anything from a one-off activity day; to a programme of activities, building skills with a group. We’re fully flexible and able to work our activities around your needs, so please just give us a call on 01343 549 571 to discuss what you have in mind and we’ll work with you to build a suitable programme.