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Bike Revolution Bike Maintenance Classes

Basic Bike Maintenance

Our 2hr basic bike maintenance classes are designed for people with little or no knowledge of bike maintenance. You will leave with the confidence to identify and  fix common issues to save you money and keep you cycling. We offer mixed and women’s only basic bike maintenance classes.

Bike Revolution Bike Maintenance Classes

Demystifying Gears

Master the dark art of gear indexing; adjusting your cables for sweet, smooth shifting. The 2hr class includes instruction on the different types of shifters and shifting, cassettes and cranksets, breaking and fixing chains and indexing gears. We offer both mixed and women only gears classes.

Bike Revolution Bike Maintenance Classes

Put on the Brakes!

In this 2hr class you will learning about the different types of brakes as well as how to sort out rubbing and stopping squeaks, as well as changing brake pads, to help save money on basic repairs and keep you cycling confidently.

Bike Revolution Bike Maintenance Classes

Headsets & Bottom Brackets

In this 2hr class you’ll learn how to identify different types of (and worn) headsets and bottom brackets, how to service and adjust them, as well as how to remove and replace cranks, plus servicing and replacing bottom brackets.

Our most recent programme of Smarter Choices Smarter Places funded bike maintenance classes were sold out and proved very popular. These courses provide affordable opportunities for participants to gain vital bike maintenance skills to give them confidence and encourage them to cycle more, so it’s always great to get such great feedback. Thanks Wendy!

“Last week I went to a Bike Revolution with Outfit Moray Basic Bike Maintenance class, and it was really good. Wayne was our tutor and he was knowledgeable, patient, kind, and made the whole evening feel very relaxed.

We learned the jargon and names for all parts of our bikes, and about the most commonly experienced problems. All the time we were able to ask questions and comment about our own cycling experiences. There was a bit of practical experience too, as we each removed rear wheels to change the tyre, after mending a puncture. This involved dealing with the chain and rear derailleur.

I was a bit worried about going because I don’t own a bicycle, but a mountain trike. Same engineering, but really an off-road wheelchair. Wayne made sure that he commented at each stage, to make each lesson applicable to me too. I have to know how to maintain my trike because if it breaks down when I’m, out and about, that’s me without legs!

Although the session was held in a working workshop, Bike Revolution made it easy for me to attend in my wheelchair, with my carer, who was able to take over for the wheel changing practical, as I have limited hand dexterity and would have had had difficulty changing the wheel by myself.
I am really grateful for this, because it is often not what I experience.

The class was well within my pocket money as it is generously funded by Smarter Choices, Smarter Places. Thank you too.

Wendy Parsons

Another bike maintenance class, this time ‘Demystifying Gears’.

We didn’t expect to leave the session almost wishing for our gears to crunch or the chain to fall off, just so that we could practice our newly gained skills at tuning.  Starting with a barrel roll, a ‘righty tighty’ to ‘loosen’ the tension (you had to be there…), listening closely to pianissimo adjustments to make the chain sprocket shift.

Thanks Stewart for a  hugely useful but also very entertaining evening, filled with anecdotes and ‘don’t do this’ exhibits. The time went very fast, but we learned so much. ‘Cadence’ was the word of the day.

Wendy Parson
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