Bike Revolution: The Bike Doctor

The Bike Doctor is our mobile bike clinic, providing a road safety check for your bicycle, ensuring it is fit for use and will keep you safe on the roads. No one wants an embarrassing breakdown, especially one that could have been avoided with a quick check from a bike specialist.

As our Bike Doctor is flexible and mobile, so can attend outdoor events, meaning you could have a mechanic on hand for serving and repairs at your BMX track or cycle race.

bike doctor looking after bikes at Bike Revolution Outfit Moray

Our mechanics hold a number of industry standard qualifications, including Gold Velotech and City and Guilds Cycle Mechanics certificates. We can inspect any rattles, squeaks, creaks or wobbles of the bike, but not the rider’s!

We will check that your brakes and gears are in perfect working order. We’ll also inspect your wheels and tyres and ensure that they are not worn, torn or low on pressure. All under our mobile workshop roof.

We will send you pedalling away happy in the knowledge that your bicycle is in tip-top condition, or will book you in for an affordable service to fix any problems if need be. So pop in with your bike and say hi, we are Moray’s friendliest bike recycling project and happy to get you rolling safely.

The Bike Doctor travels throughout Moray regularly, visiting different places and attending different events. See the next few public outings below, or book a private Bike Doctor to visit your place of work, school or community event, by giving us a call on 01343 549571 or email

Cycle Friendly Scotland

Outfit Moray are one of nine Cycle Friendly Employers across Scotland who are fully accredited by Cycling Scotland to provide local support and delivery of the Cycle Friendly Employer Award. Please email if you would like to find out more.