Bike Revolution: Servicing and Repairs

As well as refurbishing donated bikes, we offer a full repair and maintenance service. This work is overseen by our mechanics, who hold a number of industry standard qualifications including Gold and Platinum Velotech certificates.

We will give you a quote up front for the cost of the repair, keep you informed of the running repair costs if anything else should crop up, should anything else crop up and we will always test ride your bike before returning it to you. Have a look at our prices for repairs, servicing and parts:

Second-hand parts: from £5.00

Because we strip down any bikes which are not fit for refurbishing, we have a wide range of second hand parts which are still fit for purpose. If you’re looking for a certain part, but aren’t willing to pay the high street price tag, give us a call and see if we’ve got what you’re looking for – chances are we do!

servicing and repairing bikes for outdoor learning and adventure

Bike repairs: from £5.00

Any quick repairs such as indexing gears, or replacing a chain, cable or cassette, which might take you a while, but our mechanics can do in a matter of minutes. Best to give us a call on 01343 549 571 before you pop down, just to make sure a mechanic is free and can squeeze the repair in.

Standard service: from £30.00 (not including parts)

Wheels: checked for damage and wear.
Tyres: inspected and inflated.
Brakes: checked and adjusted.
Gears: adjusted and lubricated.
Bottom bracket: checked for wobbles and lubricated.
Headset & hubs: checked for wobbles and adjusted.
Frame & forks: inspected.
Chain & chainwheel: inspected and lubricated.
Saddle & seat post: checked and greased.

Drive chain replacement: from £60.00

If you have ridden the life out of your bike and need a new chain, cassette and chain rings, we can make it brand new for you! Just pop it down and book it in and we’ll get it working again, good as new!

Refurbishment: from £150.00

If you love your bike, but it’s beginning to look a bit tired, or in need of a lot of TLC, why not drop it down to us and we can turn it back into your dream machine. We’ll strip it of all its parts, give it a fresh coat of paint in your favourite colour, and build it all up with the same or new parts – whatever you want! Just pop in and speak to one of our mechanics about what you’re looking for.

Cycle Friendly Scotland

Outfit Moray are one of nine Cycle Friendly Employers across Scotland who are fully accredited by Cycling Scotland to provide local support and delivery of the Cycle Friendly Employer Award. Please email if you would like to find out more.