Bikeability with Outfit Moray

What is Bikeability?

Managed by Cycling ScotlandBikeability Scotland is a cycle training programme designed to give children the skills and confidence they need to cycle safely on the roads and to encourage them to continue cycling into adulthood.

We deliver Bikeability across schools in Moray.

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Outfit Moray

Bikeability Scotland Instructor Training

This SQF Level 5 course will enable you to plan and deliver basic cycle skills for Bikeability 1 and on road skills for Bikeability 2 using Bikeability Scotland resources with mentoring and supervision from Outfit Moray while you gain experience.  You should be a competent cyclist and have time to do the pre-course work.  You can join a planned course, or we can deliver courses for your school or group if you have four or more people – contact Donna to arrange.

Outfit Moray Bikeability courses

Hi, I just wanted to share my delight and thanks with you after hearing my son Ian, Lhanbryde Primary has cracked cycling! A big thank you to all who helped and encouraged him over the last 3 days. When I collected him today he was bursting to tell me that “I can pedal now!” Thanks again!

Sonia, Lhanbryde Primary School parent

The Biking work you have been doing with some of my ASN pupils has been fantastic. All the children have responded really well and have increased in confidence with their cycling skills. They are all eager to participate and have definitely benefitted from the health and wellbeing aspect of being outside, engaging in physical activity. The duration of the sessions also works well as some of the pupils have a limited concentration span.

Hopeman Primary ASN

I wish to say a massive thank you for the Bike-ability scheme you held at Hopeman Primary in April 2022 for Primary 3.

My daughter Lizzie was extremely nervous and not confident at riding her bike. We had tried in vain to get her to get on her bike but the dedicated one-to-one she received under your instruction she grew in confidence and was able to get cycling by the end of her programme.

On the Monday May Day holiday we went on a family cycle run from Hopeman to Burghead and return. You have no idea how proud we were of her.

Thank you very much.

Rhona, Hopeman Primary School parent

It was wonderful to see children learning to ride with confidence in such a short space of time – especially those that couldn’t ride prior to Lil (and co’s) visit. Feedback from one parent was that the day after their daughter’s first session, she went to ride around Sanquhar jumps, having previously shown no interest in cycling and totally lacking confidence. It has been monumental for her.

Another huge success was one of our P7 boys, who only learnt to cycle last year when Lil taught him. She was able to take him to the town this year and he passed the 2nd stage. This is brilliant and we are so pleased he had the opportunity to do it. He has learnt so much and it has really helped his confidence and self-esteem.

Logie Primary School

“It is amazing watching our pupils’ confidence grow in their cycling skills. The impact upon their self-esteem and confidence is fantastic to observe in all the sessions we have received. The instructors are kind and patient and great at adding the next level of challenge that provides all children with a skill for life!”

Helen Thorley, Pilmuir Primary School

Outfit Moray have come in over the last 3 weeks for 1 day a week and have worked with all the children from P1 – P7. Both myself and the children have enjoyed the sessions.

The younger children have benefitted from being outside and the open-ended nature of some of the activities and the willingness of the adults to follow the children’s interests, even if they go off on an apparent tangent. The activities were appropriate for the age group and captured their interest. Given the current context these sessions were something new and the children looked forward to them, many of them knew Tuesdays were an “Andy & Archie day”. Time was given for children new to the sessions to become comfortable with the new adults. Overall, I feel the sessions helped develop the children’s self-confidence and social skills, learning to cooperate in a different context to the classroom.

With the older children, it was noticeable that they did not seem to all know each other and I felt the team building activities and games that involved trusting their partner worked well and helped the children form bonds/relationships with each other during the rest of the session and back in the class. On the first day one of the girls turned to her partner and said “I’ve made a new friend today!” to which the response was, “Who?” Her smile when she was told it was her, was priceless. The children enjoyed the mix of physical activities and the more creative/scientific activities and would ask questions in the subsequent days about what they had been learning or made comments linking it to something in their own lives.

Overall, while the sessions have definitely been beneficial, I feel they have only just begun. If the sessions were to continue, even for just another 3 weeks I think it would have a significant, positive impact on the children, particularly their confidence and emotional well-being.

Alan Macdonald, Covid Relief Teacher, Cluny Primary School

Thank you all so much, especially Donna. My son was one of the two that couldn’t ride a bike. He is autistic and would not even sit on a bike for us. We are so grateful to you all for the patience and effort you put in to teach him. We are amazed at what he can do now and the confidence he has gained.

Ashleigh, Hythehill Primary School parent