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Seafest Abseil

The Seafest Abseil with Outfit Moray will take place on 7th July 2018 at Grampian Furnishers from 9am – 5pm, alongside the Seafest event which happens at Station Park in Lossiemouth.

Following on from the success of last year’s abseil in December, it was decided to run this one as a thank you to the local community for all the support we received during our emergency fundraising appeal and are thrilled that SFEAR Kickboxing & Fitness, The Lossie 2-3 Group, North East Sensory Services, St Sylvester’s Primary School Parents’ Association, Friendly Access/Surfable Scotland, Tomintoul Primary School, Screwfix Foundation and MFR Cash for Kids will all benefit from our event.   We know just how hard fundraising can be and finding affordable, local challenges can be even harder.

**  UPDATE ** All charity spaces are now full, but please get in touch in case we have any cancellations.

If fundraising isn’t your thing and you want to take part in the abseil as a personal challenge, you can either turn up on the day (after 1230, when all the charity abseils have taken place) or you can book an early afternoon slot by purchasing a ticket through below.

All charities, club, groups etc will have free reign over their fundraisers regarding sponsorship, they will receive promotion on Outfit Moray’s social media and be mentioned in any press release where feasible. Time slots will be allocated nearer the event, once we know how many spaces have been filled, but fundraising teams will be clubbed together, to provide their charity/group etc with maximum visibility, their individual media coverage and any desired branding. Charities will be responsible for sourcing their own fundraisers though!

Of course, we are organising the event with the aim to raise our own much-needed funds, so as an enticement, anyone who wishes to raise sponsorship for Outfit Moray will be able to take part free of charge, on the promise they raise at least £20 in sponsorship for us. Contact our community fundraiser, Karen Cox, to find out more!

To get you in the mood, here’s a montage video of our abseil in Dec 2017.

Things to do in Moray Seafest

Organised by the Lossiemouth Community Development Trust, Seafest has achieved its aim of bringing the community of Lossiemouth together for a celebration of the town’s fishing heritage. First held in 2014, it has grown each year as new concepts and ideas have been introduced and is now a main event on Lossie’s calendar with Station Park filled with the best Lossie and Moray has to offer in the way of food and drinks, plus charities and demonstrations.


WorkSafe Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Course

Attend a Defibrillator Training Course (Automated External Defibrillator-AED) and learn how to give life saving treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Research indicates that defibrillation is the most effective treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest and will be most effective if delivered within 4 minutes from the time of the arrest. In the UK the attendance time for an emergency ambulance is 8 minutes! This means that if defibrillation is delivered at 8 minutes, only approximately 20% of casualties will survive. Having a portable defibrillator in your workplace, school or community building can dramatically improve the survival from Cardiac Arrest and an AED is very simple and safe to operate.

This is a 3-4 hour training programme that meets the requirements of the UK Resuscitation Council for First Responder Defibrillation which we are able to provide for a minimum of 6 people, maximum of 12 people.

The WorkSafe Automated External Defibrillator (AED) course provides hands on experience and training for the safe and effective use of any portable defibrillator and will ensure you have the peace of mind that should the need arise your staff can safely use the AED. Additionally, HSE legislation now recommends that if an employer provides and AED then staff should receive training in its use.

AED Courses Things to do in Moray with Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray

Ideally candidates will already hold a First Aid at Work certificate but full training in CPR can be given if necessary. An AED unit is an integral part of the course and should be in-situ or available before training takes place.

The WorkSafe AED Programme Content includes:

  • An overview of Ventricular Fibrillation and the use of defibrillators.
  • Emphasis on early intervention, early CPR and the importance of the ‘Chain of Survival’.
  • Hands-on practice for students using training AEDs.
  • Scenario practice sessions tailored to portray similar situations to which the student may have to respond.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of AEDs.

Successful candidates will be awarded the WorkSafe Automated External Defibrillation qualification which is valid for 12 months and certificated by WorkSafe Training Systems.

Please Note: The UK Resuscitation Council recommend that candidates undertaking this qualification receive a minimum of 6 monthly refresher sessions.

Scotmid Co-operative Community Funding Award

We are extremely grateful to Scotmid for their recent community funding award of £250 to purchase buoyancy aids and our CEO, Tony Brown, was delighted to receive a cheque from Bishopmill store supervisor, Robert.  It is vital to make sure all our safety equipment is in good working order and replaced when necessary, so any extra funding we receive towards these costs is always very gratefully received, particularly as Grants and Trusts fundraising is our main source of income at Outfit Moray. Our Grants and Trust Fundraiser is kept constantly busy sending out applications, not all of which are successful, which makes those that are, all that more important!

Scotmid Things to do in Moray with Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray

The Scotttish Midland Co-operative Society is able to make so many donations in their local communities because they are an independent co-operative society. They are not owned by a private board of directors but by 60,000 who all have an equal say in how their Society is run.  If you wish to join the Scotmid society, you can pick up a form at your local Scotmid store and submit it to the cashier, along with £1 share capital.

To learn more about Scotmid’s community work, you can like them on Facebook, check out their YouTube channel or follow them on Twitter.

Ongoing fundraising efforts

Community fundraising continues to be a vital source of unrestricted funds income and we are always trying to come up with new ways to bring in a regular income, without having to ask for donations.  Please have a look at these three initiatives:

Things to do in Moray with Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray
Things to do in Moray with Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray
Things to do in Moray with Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray

Wanna fly a plane?

Thanks to THALES at RAF Lossiemouth, we are able to offer this amazing, once in a lifetime, prize of an hour long flight in their Tornado GR4 flight simulator at RAF Lossiemouth.

The Tornado GR4 is a world class ground attack and reconnaissance aircraft and during this flight, you will be able to experience at first hand the capabilities of the aircraft and its weapons systems. This is no fairground ride, it’s the actual simulator used to train the RAF’s front line Tornado crews, and now you!

Second prize: is a £60 Anderson and England voucher
Third prize: £50 Gordon & Macphail hamper

All this for just £10 a ticket!

To purchase your ticket(s) visit our BT MyDonate page and make sure you leave your contact details so you can claim your prize!

All funds raised through this raffle will be used to cover the costs of running Cairngorm to Coast, meaning more of  our entrants’ hard-earned sponsorship goes to Outfit Moray.

The raffle will be drawn on 31st May at Outfit Moray on Shore Street, Lossiemouth

Things to do in Moray with Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray

NB: This is not a computer game or fairground attraction, but is the actual simulator used to train front line Tornado aircrew so THALES have to lay down some conditions as follows:

  • Date and time by agreement but must ultimately be at our discretion.
  • Only one person in the cockpit with up to 4 others watching.
  • Open only to able bodied adults (over 15).
  • Access to the RAF Station is at the discretion of the RAF for which valid photo ID is required.
  • Prize must be taken within 3 months of the event.

Have a look at some of our other fundraising raffles.

Things to do in Moray with Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray
Things to do in Moray with Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray
Things to do in Moray with Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray

Moray Young Competitive Climbers selected for Scottish Youth Development Squad

Five of the eight Moray Young Competitive Climbers have been selected for the Scottish Youth Development Squad following the final regional heat of the Youth Climbing Series at Transition Extreme, Aberdeen on Saturday 24th February.

Natalie Taylor (16), Will Bain (12), Duncan Brown (11), Rhys Taylor (10) and Lorna Brown (8) join climbers from the South of Scotland to complete the Scottish Youth Development Squad. Selection to the squad is made from the results of the three rounds of the Youth Climbing Series (YCS) and there are 30 places available for young climbers from the north and 30 from the south of Scotland. The Scotland Youth Climbing Team will be selected from the Youth Development Squad at the end of March and they will then go on to compete at the British Final of the YCS at the end of April. Members remain on the team for one full year.

The final regional heat was held at Transition Extreme on 24th February and all our Moray Young Competitive Climbers did well in their respective age groups with Lorna coming 1st, Natalie-2nd, Duncan-2nd, Rhys-2nd, Will-4th, Carrie-5th, Rachel-7th and Emma-8th which means their overall series results were: Natalie-1st, Lorna-1st, Rhys-2nd, Duncan-2nd, Will-3rd, Carrie-5th, Emma-6th and Rachel-8th.

If our Moray Young Competitive Climbers’ success has piqued your young person’s interest, Outfit Moray will be running indoor wall climbing classes locally in March at a cost of £45 for the course (3 sessions). The ‘Learn to Climb’ course is available for young people aged 8-15 and can be booked through Outfit Moray’s website.  The course will be held over three Tuesdays, 6th, 13th and 20th March and is aimed at beginners.

Indoor climbing is among four new sports to make their debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, so you never know how far this beginner’s course can take you, for example, Molly Thompson-Smith tried climbing as a new sport for her 7th birthday and never looked back.  At 15 she became the youngest ever climber to win a senior GB competition and at 16 she was ranked number one in the world for her age category.

To learn more about the Youth Climbing Series, visit the Climb Scotland website

Moray Young Competitive Sport Climbers Outdoor learning and adventure plus things to do in Moray

L-R: Duncan Brown, Rachel Wood, Carrie Brown, Lorna Brown, Rhys Taylor, Natalie Taylor, Will Bain, Emma Phillip

Fit4Change: Exercise for Free Money!

You can now fundraise for free, every time you walk your dog, go for a cycle or enjoy your lunchtime jog as we have joined up with the newly-launched Fit4Change app.  The idea of the app fits in perfectly with our Vision to changes lives by creating the opportunity for everyone to take part in outdoor learning and adventure irrespective of their ability, financial position or location.

Launched earlier in the year, Fit4Change’s ‘app’ provides an innovative approach to charity that allows its users to raise funds in a truly unique way. The app places particular emphasis on the owner being in control of their own fundraising; their ease and time become paramount as fundraising becomes streamlined with the routines and occurrences of everyday life.

Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray

Whether accomplished by walking, running, cycling or general indoor exercise, the app tracks movement from the device and subsequently allocates a small share of the app’s advertising revenue to be donated to a charity of the owner’s choosing. This means that a daily walk to work or the local shops turns from a monotonous journey from A to B, into a vital fundraising exercise for charities like us.

Our poster shows the four simple steps to starting your Fit4Change fundraising.

  1. You download the app from either Google Play or Apple Store
  2. You choose Outfit Moray from the list of charities on the first screen
  3. Choose your activity from: Walk, Run, Cycle, Indoor (e.g. exercising on a rowing machine)
  4. Start fundraising (sorry, I meant walking, running cycling etc)

Awards are set at 5p per mile with extra bonuses for regular use and offers taken. Once the you have stopped the activity the End screen lets the you share your result on social media or return to the home screen.

As part of the app, you can also access their full menu and choose from the variety off offers provided on the My Offers page. You can also set your personal interest level in a variety of categories in the My Interest page found in the Settings page, meaning the offers will be targeted and you are more likely to receive information that interests you.  A percentage of any offer purchased is also donated to Outfit Moray.

My Wallet displays the rewards that the user has gained from activity, which are automatically donated to their chosen charity.

Visit the Fit4Change website to get started!

Have a look at some of our other activity based fundraising ideas:

Fundraising and support outdoor learning and adventure
Cairngorm to Coast 100km hike and bike challenge event
Lucky number outdoor learning and adventure