Event Support Volunteering

We are pleased to be able to offer event support to adventure challenges across Moray, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands, which help promote healthy lifestyles qualities in local communities and are often looking for volunteers to help out with these events.

What opportunities does this offer me?

As part of Outfit Moray’s commitment to provide outdoor learning and adventure to young people, we utilise our outdoor expertise by offering support to other organisations in putting on events such as sportifs, endurance races, distance challenges and large public events. This can range from providing planning and logistical support, to mechanical cover with Bike Revolution.

Event Support

We undertake a number of these events each year, offering you a chance to take part in supporting both local and national worthwhile causes.

You would have the opportunity to be involved in the planning stage of major outdoor events, and then help deliver support during the event. This can be from a simple task such as handing out water and snacks at a bike race, through to sweeping for lost competitors at the back of a long distance endurance event.

What skills do I need to be able to help?

Due to the outdoor nature of this role, it would be advantageous for volunteers to have experience of outdoor activity, and navigation. Outdoor qualifications, First Aid qualification and Category D1 driving license (minibus) are desirable but not essential.

What Training and support will I get

You will be working with highly trained and experienced outdoor practitioners, enabling you to gain quality experience from a professional organisation. We offer the opportunity to gain in house activity specific training and valuable experience working with groups. You would get specific training for the event you will be supporting, and a pre-event brief where you will get a chance to ask questions and ensure you understand what is expected of you during the event.

Volunteers will be able to take full advantage of our volunteer and membership benefits in repayment for their help.