Fit4Change: Exercise for Free Money!

You can now fundraise for free, every time you walk your dog, go for a cycle or enjoy your lunchtime jog as we have joined up with the newly-launched Fit4Change app.  The idea of the app fits in perfectly with our Vision to changes lives by creating the opportunity for everyone to take part in outdoor learning and adventure irrespective of their ability, financial position or location.

Launched earlier in the year, Fit4Change’s ‘app’ provides an innovative approach to charity that allows its users to raise funds in a truly unique way. The app places particular emphasis on the owner being in control of their own fundraising; their ease and time become paramount as fundraising becomes streamlined with the routines and occurrences of everyday life.

Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray

Whether accomplished by walking, running, cycling or general indoor exercise, the app tracks movement from the device and subsequently allocates a small share of the app’s advertising revenue to be donated to a charity of the owner’s choosing. This means that a daily walk to work or the local shops turns from a monotonous journey from A to B, into a vital fundraising exercise for charities like us.

Our poster shows the four simple steps to starting your Fit4Change fundraising.

  1. You download the app from either Google Play or Apple Store
  2. You choose Outfit Moray from the list of charities on the first screen
  3. Choose your activity from: Walk, Run, Cycle, Indoor (e.g. exercising on a rowing machine)
  4. Start fundraising (sorry, I meant walking, running cycling etc)

Awards are set at 5p per mile with extra bonuses for regular use and offers taken. Once the you have stopped the activity the End screen lets the you share your result on social media or return to the home screen.

As part of the app, you can also access their full menu and choose from the variety off offers provided on the My Offers page. You can also set your personal interest level in a variety of categories in the My Interest page found in the Settings page, meaning the offers will be targeted and you are more likely to receive information that interests you.  A percentage of any offer purchased is also donated to Outfit Moray.

My Wallet displays the rewards that the user has gained from activity, which are automatically donated to their chosen charity.

Visit the Fit4Change website to get started!

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