The Kiltwalk

The Kiltwalk is an annual mass participation event that takes place every year in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh and is a unique way to raise funds for us as The Hunter Foundation generously adds 50% to all your fundraising, giving us an extra wee boost!

We will pay your entry fee and give you an Outfit Moray branded running top, plus an Outfit Moray goody bag, in return for a minimum sponsorship amount (varies depending on event costs).

We also have our more environmentally friendly ‘tree not tee’ option where, instead of providing a branded top, we’ll plant a tree in our Trees for Life grove on your behalf. Not only does this reduce waste and your carbon footprint for event, but it also reduces your sponsorship target. You could also cover your entry fee, which will leave you free to raise as much as you can, without the extra pressure of reaching any targets.

Please note: this type of fundraising is vital to support our work with young people in Moray, so we do expect people to make every effort to raise their agreed minimum sponsorship. If you aren’t successful within three months of the event, we will ask that you to consider donating the shortfall yourself.

The Kiltwalk for Outfit Moray

Ok, I’m in, what happens next?

  • Get in touch with our Community & Corporate Fundraiser, Karen Cox to confirm your interest and agree your min sponsorship requirement
  • You will get a welcome email with more information and the Kiltwalk registration information
  • You will have access to our fundraising portal, with resources and support to inspire your fundraising journey
  • Karen will remain your point of contact for support until you have completed your fundraising
  • Once finished, you will get a certificate to show off your amazing fundraising efforts