Outfit Moray Membership

From Trustees to volunteers, we encourage everyone involved with Outfit Moray to become a member.  Your voice and your thoughts are important to us and we want everyone to feel they play a part in delivering our work within the community.

As a member of Outfit Moray you will:

  • be eligible for a 10% discount at Outfit Moray and Bike Revolution
  • be invited to attend our AGM and any EGMs
  • be able to vote at our AGM and any EGMs
  • be invited join in the fun at an annual members’ get-together

As a member of Outfit Moray, you will be liable for a one-off £1 payment, should the charity close down or cease to operate.  The £1 payment is to aid in the closure process and to help cover any outstanding debts.

To become a member, please complete our online membership form.