ShredXS Downhill Jerseys are designed with style and fit for riders. The long sleeves meet DH and BMX competition rules. The high stretch content jersey gives great and comfortable fitment over body amour, while the slimmer body length, raglan sleeve, ensures rider friendly fit stopping them from being loose and flappy; provides a comfort and stylish top for all day riding.

The smooth stretch finish reduces catching and bobbling when caught on velcro and straps for elbow pads etc. The jersey allow for plenty of layers, with base or full body armor easily accommodated, for a comfort fit and the v neck line, ensures the jersey will not interfere with neck braces.

SIZES AVAILABLE: Kids: M or Adult: S, Please refer to the ShredXS sizing chart below before ordering.

£24.00 plus postage if you are unable to collect from Outfit Moray in Lossiemouth.