tsiMoray #YouChoose for Outdoor Learning and Adventure

We are delighted to announce that we were successful in our application for funding from the recent #YouChoose2 Community funding initiative through tsiMoray.

We received £2,424 to run two Kickstart programmes. Once a week, for four weeks, six young people at risk of alcohol related harm, will be able to enjoy some outdoor adventure, hopefully giving them the confidence and inspiration to take up a new hobby and break the cycle.

tsiMoray Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray

Grant Award Offered

Description: Exciting and adventurous activities that enable young people to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience.
Project: Outfit Moray: Kickstart
(Award winning charity and social enterprise delivering outdoor learning, adventure and nature exploration to transform lives)

Information: In the first week of December, 695 people in Moray took part by voting in #You Choose 2, resulting in small grant awards to 14 projects, totalling over £30,000. People could vote in person at a friendly and lively market place event, the Big Vote 2, held at the Inkwell in Elgin, on 7th December.

The Moray public could also vote online for a week up to midnight on the same day as the event, the first time that a digital voting platform has been used in this way for participatory budgeting in Moray. This helped to increase the number of people to four times more than the same event this time last year.

There was an excellent range and diversity of projects being offered, each addressing either the Drugs and Alcohol, or Mental Health Innovation, themes. With so much on offer, it could be challenging to choose. Fortunately, voters could cast two votes or three votes, depending on the theme, enabling people to choose up to 5 projects each, that they would like to see supported in this round.

Despite the stormy weather, the cheerful and resilient spirit of Moray’s communities was demonstrated by the stall holders, who went the extra mile to make sure that fun was had by all. This included guitar playing with Arrows Music Group, indoor golfing with Living Golf, and some lovely homemade baking by Sacro.

Partners, stakeholders and volunteers have worked really well together, making valuable contributions through their generous sharing of experience, expertise and time, all as part of the participatory budgeting process.

This positivity helps to ensure that in one way or another, everyone taking part gains something that is meaningful and worthwhile to them, or that helps to move their project forward in a different way.

As a result of #You Choose 2, there will be more choices and chances for people in Moray who may have been affected by drug or alcohol related harm, and some great new projects that will benefit a range of people with life experience of challenges or issues in relation to their mental health.

The combined total votes cast by people in Moray, resulted in 10 Drugs and Alcohol projects and 4 Mental Health innovation projects receiving the offer of a small grant award through this round of participatory budgeting programme coordinated by tsiMORAY.

Funding for the Drugs and Alcohol theme came from Moray Alcohol and Drugs Partnership. Funding for the Mental Health Innovation theme came from Scottish Government’s Mental Health Innovation Fund, via Moray Mental Health and Wellbeing Partnership