Outfit Moray cannot achieve its goals to deliver outdoor learning and adventure opportunities for young people without the help of volunteers. To ensure volunteers feel their effort is worthwhile and making a difference, we offer a comprehensive package to ensure that volunteers are being listened to, and have access to quality development opportunities.

As repayment for your time and effort as a volunteer, we have developed a comprehensive scheme offering a number of rewards:

  • Membership of Outfit Moray which entitles you to have a say in our development and vote at general meetings
  • Equipment and clothing discount through our suppliers (inc. Montane & wetsuits)
  • Outfit Moray branded outdoor clothing as you progress
  • Participation in the Saltire Award Scheme – awards designed to formally recognise the commitment and contribution of young volunteers. Supported by the Scottish Government the Saltire Awards enable young volunteers to record the skills, experience and learning gained through successful volunteering placements
  • A formal induction process which allows you to create a personal development plan – this helps us create training plans for our in-house volunteer training days, and in the longer term look at the possibility of funding you to gain further qualifications either outdoor activity based, or vocational awards
  • Training opportunities specific to the type of role you volunteer for.
  • Volunteer events – the opportunity for everyone to get together, discuss Outfit Moray’s development and the role they play in it, and have some fun doing outdoor activities.
  • New activity development sessions – join in with Outfit instructors trailing new venues and activities before we roll them out for our activity programmes.

How does Outfit Moray look after volunteers?

Outfit Moray is registered charity and has policies and procedures in place to ensure it is protecting its employees and volunteers in accordance with regulations and employment law.

We have a specific volunteer policy, detailing what you can expect from us in the way of support and development, and also what we expect from you. You will receive this as part of your induction.

Outfit Moray is an equal opportunities employer, and welcomes applications from volunteers from all backgrounds. Our Equal Opportunities policy is available on request following the completion of the induction process.

As part of being able to offer a comprehensive training and development package for staff and volunteers, Outfit Moray has a Training and Development policy to help guide you in creating a personal development plan. Details are available on request following the completion of the induction process.