All groups and participants will have the opportunity to select the activities from the list below in addition to activities already delivered by Outfit Moray.

If, as a group, we decide that another activity would be beneficial that is not listed we will risk assess the activity and once the usual protocol’s have been met and after agreement with our Chief Instructor we will endeavor to add the selected sport to our list.

List of Sports/Activities

Social events: Coffee mornings/afternoons, Presentations/Lectures
Charity events, BBQ’s, Day trips in and around Moray.

Steering Group Meetings

coasteering-bowfiddleBush and Camp Craft
Cycling and Mountain Biking
Walking- Hill, Coastal, Nordic
Canoeing and Kayaking
Spinney Castle Walk and Canoe
Expeditions: Walking and Cycling
Climbing: Indoor and Outdoor
Gorge Walking
Indoor Sports: Walking football, Badminton, Potted sports, Basketball

If you have any other ideas for good additions to the above list just let me know!