Learn to Cycle

Cycling is often seen as an essential life skill, just like swimming. However, learning to ride can be tricky so we have pulled together our top tips to help out, along with some great videos from Cycling Scotland’s Play on Pedals programme. The videos break down the process into easy, bite size chunks, so you and the child can work through each stage together at your own pace. We can also recommend this great YouTube video from Isla at IslaBikes

Learn to Cycle with Outfit Moray

Remember, it is harder for some to master cycling and it needs balance, co-ordination and determination to come together.      

  • Practise, practise, practise! We recommend somewhere like Cooper Park in Elgin or Grant Park in Forres, or an empty school playground. Keep it fun and don’t panic if they have had enough after 5 minutes; a tired child is more likely to make mistakes.  Remember, you can set a good example by joining them for short rides too!.

If you are struggling to teach them, we run 45 minute, one-to-one sessions, available to young children (4+ years old), during the school holidays, which are designed to help develop their bike skills. Follow the link below to see our available sessions or sign up to our newsletter to be among the first to know about our next sessions (please note, we cannot run a waiting list).

Available Bike Skills Sessions