Cairngorm to Coast Participants Information

This page contains all the information participants in Cairngorm to Coast will need to know, if not, there’s always our FAQ page or you can email

The main C2C page has all the booking information needed to complete your entry, but for all those who have taken the plunge, please make sure you read this page fully and have made a note of timings, particularly with regards to registration and departure on the day.

A simplified copy of this page is available here for downloading and printing for future reference.

Cairngorm to Coast with Outfit Moray


As with most charities, our main goal is to encourage people to take part in Cairngorm to Coast and raise funds to support our work with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people across Moray. Fundraising is getting harder, particularly to cover the day to day running of the charity, so we are extremely grateful to everyone who has chosen to support us. If you are raising funds for us, please get in touch with our Community Fundraiser, Karen Cox and let us know if we can help you in any way!  You can also download a fundraising tool kit here , which is full of great hints and tips and a sponsorship form for any local sponsors. We are currently in the process of setting up a new online donation account as BT MyDonate has closed down.  Please check back or email Karen for more information.

Cairngorm to Coast Timetable

The week before:

Bikes and bike kit bags can be dropped off  during the week, Monday to Thursday between 9am – 5pm. You will be able to collect your race number, goody bag and event t-shirt at the same time. Please make sure your race number is attached to your bike and kit bag.


Bikes and bike kit bags can be dropped off  from 9am – 7pm. You will be able to collect your race number, goody bag and event t-shirt at the same time. Please make sure your race number is attached to your bike and kit bag. Any hikers who aren’t able to make it to Lossiemouth will receive their race numbers on the bus. We will have tray bakes and hot drinks on during the day on Friday.

Saturday – Event Day:

Depart Lossiemouth: 6:45am for 7am sharp departure from the bus stop outside the Moray Coast Medical Centre. If you miss the bus, you will need to make your own way to Grantown-on-Spey or the ski centre car park.

Depart Grantown: Square bus stop: 8:20am for 8:30am sharp departure.

Cairngorm to Coast will commence from the Cairngorm Ski Centre car park at 9am. (bikers will be delayed from setting off)

Grantown-On-Spey: There will be toilet facilities, somewhere warm to get changed, massage facilities and hot food and a drink available. There will also be water available for the bikers to fill up their containers. Hikers will receive their medals.  Please note: for hikers finishing at Grantown on Spey, you will need to arrange your own transport home.

Forres Academy Carpark: For those who wish to, and have made their own arrangements, this is the opportunity to transition onto a road bike. There will be a checkpoint marshal there and Outfit Moray will collect any of their hired mountain bikes.

Windswept Tap Room: Well done, you did it! There will be a toilet and hot drinks available, plus a massage therapist, should you require it. Windswept Brewing will have hot food for sale, as well as delicious fresh coffe and cakes. Your walking kit will have been dropped off and you will receive your medal.  If you beat your walking kit to the finish line, it can be collected from Outfit Moray the following week.

Toilets:  Glenmore Lodge, Nethy Bridge, Grantown On Spey, Forres Swimming Pool (only until 3pm), Grant Park public toilets (until 8pm) and Windswept Brewing.  Other than that, it’s natural breaks!

Please remember you are walking and biking through spectacular countryside and need to abide by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code at all times, particularly whilst travelling through the Cairngorm National Park as most areas are, first and foremost, nature reserves. We would ask you to take particular note of the information regarding natural toilet breaks:

If you need to urinate, do so at least 30 metres from open water or rivers and streams. If you need to defecate, do so as far away as possible from buildings, from open water or rivers and streams, and from any farm animals. Bury faeces in a shallow hole and replace the turf.

Participant kit list

Hiking & Personal Kit:

  • Day sack (25l)
  • Spare socks (wool – no nylon or polyester)
  • Good pair of worn in, lightweight walking boots with ankle support.
  • Two walking poles
  • Personal first aid kid inc blisteze/compeed plasters, sun cream, midge spray
  • Layered clothing: breathable base layer, mid layer (shirt etc) outer layer (fleece etc) plus waterproof or buffalo
  • Walking trousers
  • Food – high energy snacks (muesli bars, flapjacks)
  • A camelbak or similar for water
  • Hats and gloves for the first part of the walk at least
  • Mobile phone
  • Waterproof pouch for the maps

Finish Line Kit

There will be the opportunity to wash your legs down at Windswept Brewing, so we recommend making sure you have a towel and a change of clothes at the finish point, so you can make the most of the fire pit and beer on tap!

Bike Kit:

  • Bike helmet (compulsory)
  • biking shorts/leggings
  • bike gloves
  • bike lights (compulsory)
  • head torch
  • Waterproof pouch for the maps

What you wear on the day is vital for your comfort and success, so please make sure you are properly dressed for the occasion, terrain and weather.  Make sure you wear boots in: new boots = new blisters! There is a strict no alcohol policy.

Cairngorm to Coast events in Moray

We have outdoor kit available for hire, including day sacks, boots and waterproofs.

To make sure your bike is fit for purpose Bike Revolution offer a special pre-C2C inspection for £10, with a service at £20, if required. If you are not sure your bike is suitable, you can hire a bike (helmet, gloves & lights) for £20 from Bike Revolution (saves you washing it the next day).

For any hire requirements, please complete the form below the checkpoint table or email for more information.

The Route

You will be provided with waterproof copies of the maps on the day but please click here for our downloadable A4 maps in PDF format.  Below is a list the route’s checkpoints with a printable version here.

CP Grid Ref Location Comments Close
1 NJ 015143 Forest path junction First manned checkpoint 10.30am
2 NJ 018160 Forest Lodge First Aid, food and water 10.30am
3 NJ 012194 Dell Lodge Water 11.00am
4 NJ 000205 Nethy Bridge (1) B970 BUSY ROAD please be aware
5 NJ 000207 Nethy Bridge (2) Start of the Speyside Way
6 NJ 035262 The Smoke House A95 crossing – BUSY ROAD 3.00pm
7 NJ 035268 Old A95 Heading onto track into woods
8 NJ 034277 Royal British Legion, Grantown on Spey First Aid and Massage
Hot food and drinks/ water
9 NJ 024282 Start of the Dava Way Under bridge, immediate right onto Dava Way
10 NJ 008388 Dava Way – diversion onto A939 BUSY ROAD please be aware
11 NJ 008392 Back onto Dava Way
12 NJ 022460 Bantrach Road  junction – Divie Viaduct Food and water
13 NJ 037577 Mannachie Rise cut through
14 NJ 038581 Forres Academy First aid/water- road bike transition 8.00pm
15 NJ 039590 South Street/High Street junction Turn right
16 NJ 046594 B9011 Victoria Rd to Sueno’s Stone Cycle path/footbridge over A96
17 NJ 066617 B9089/Woodhead Jnt – Kinloss
18 NJ 066617 Milton of Brodie junction
19 NJ 151 649 Spindle Muir/B9013 junction
20 NJ 178 660 B9012 Duffus Rd junction
21 NJ 228 700 Windswept Brewing Tap Room First aid & massage. Food & drink 9.00pm