Archery with Outfit Moray


We have a mobile archery range which allows us to set up on large fields or suitable parks. We use modern re-curve wooden bows in a variety of sizes to suit the budding archer’s needs. We have qualified instructors who will work with you on achieving that perfect score. Archery is a very enjoyable and addictive activity that will suit any age group and all abilities. We use a wide range of venues around Moray.

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Bushcraft with Outfit Moray


Bushcraft skills have become increasingly popular in recent years and this is a great activity for young people to learn about fire craft, outdoor cooking, shelter building and the environment. Using skills that are fast disappearing in the modern world, participants will gather materials to build a fire and then learn how light it, using traditional fire lighting materials before cooking snacks over the open camp fire. They will also learn how to build a shelter and about our impact on the environment we live in.

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Crate climbing with Outfit Moray

Crate Climbing

Imagine a giant Jenga with crates and ropes and you have crate climbing. Great fun to be had, with participants challenging themselves to build a tower of crates as high as possible before it collapses and they are left swinging safely from a rope.

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Hill walking with Outfit Moray

Hill Walking

Hill walking in Scotland is world famous with stunning remote isolated wilderness teeming with wildlife and history. We have experienced and qualified Mountain Leaders, able to tailor your trip to meet your own personal aims and able to teach you the basic skills to keep yourself safe in the Scottish hills. We also have all the equipment you will need, including boots, waterproofs, rucksacks and fleeces, to allow you to get out and have a great day in all but the fiercest of Scottish weather.

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Rock climbing with Outfit Moray

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an enjoyable experience even for those who are a little afraid of heights. Our qualified instructors will make your experience safe and enjoyable and can give you the skills you need to continue climbing on your own. We supply you with all technical equipment needed, and can provide sessions covering: abseiling (descending the crag), indoor rock climbing, learning to lead (learning to place and evaluate your own protection whilst climbing) and multi pitch rock climbing (rock climbing in the mountains).

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Shore Walk with Outfit Moray

Shore Walk and Cave Explore

This coastal exploration of our dunes, caves, and Picts’ history is an exciting opportunity to get up close to part of the coast between Covesea and Hopeman: climb 250-million-year sand dunes and learn about the animals that inhabited, them before exploring caves cut into the rocks by changing sea-level, including Sculptor’s Cave with its important Pictish carvings.

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Team games with Outfit Moray

Team Games

Team games are a number of small challenges that require teamwork, co-operation and ingenuity in order to succeed and solve the puzzle of complete the challenge. The challenges will be tailored to the people undertaking them, making sure they challenge and entertain in equal measure, and are a great way to help with communication and bonding, as well as making sure everyone has a good time!

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Tyrolean with Outfit Moray


Tyrolean traverses were first used in the Mountains of the Tyrol Region of Austria to make inaccessible areas more accessible. We have a number of venues across Moray that we use for this activity which challenges teamwork, rope skills and bravery.

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Weaselling with Outfit Moray


Unlike pot-holing, weaselling is an above ground activity where participants crawl through spaces between rocks, exploring tunnels and squeezing through gaps. It’s dark and mysterious, but very exciting, discovering places that not many people get to explore. We provide water proofs, helmet, boots and, if you’re a little bit scared of the dark, we might even give you a head torch.

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OUtfit Moray Lossiemouth
Bike Revolution, OUtfit Moray, Lossiemouth
Bike Revolution, Outfit Moray, Lossiemouth