Targeted Programmes

Disadvantaged and vulnerable young people can get so much out of outdoor adventure, so it’s important to make sure they are offered the opportunity.

Outdoor learning is proven to support skills development and educational attainment, and can really support pupils struggling in a formal education setting. The Education Endowment Foundation cites how “studies of adventure learning interventions consistently show positive benefits on academic learning. On average, pupils who participate in adventure learning interventions make approximately four additional months’ progress. There is also evidence of impact on non-cognitive outcomes such as self-confidence. The evidence suggests that the impact is greater for more vulnerable students”.

Adventurous activities might sound a bit like conquering Mount Everest, particularly for those with physical disabilities, but many of the activities we offer can be adapted to be accessible for all. We have a range of specialist equipment in paddling as well as recumbent tricycles for biking meaning those with balance or stability issues can enjoy these activities.

Outdoor learning and adventure for vulnerable groups in Moray

We work with local disadvantaged and vulnerable groups through schools and referral organisations such as Quarriers, Cornerstone, North East Sensory Services, Moray Women’s Aid, Moray Council Social Services, Moray Council Youth Justice, Moray Social, Emotional and Behavioural Needs (SEBN) and Action for Children throughout the year. When working with more vulnerable young people, we reduce numbers to six to make sure our instructors have the time to focus more closely on each young person.

Outfit Moray can run anything from a one-off activity day to a programme of activities, building skills with a group. We’re fully flexible and able to work our activities around your needs and the needs of the young people. Please email us to discuss what you have in mind and we’ll work with you to build a suitable programme.

‘Outfit Moray provides an invaluable gateway to the outdoors for many young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who would otherwise be unable to access these types of activities and sports. The team are highly experienced and professional, and always keep things fun and engaging so that everyone can get involved. Without a doubt, Outfit Moray helps these youngsters increase their self-confidence and take pride in their achievements, which will stand them in good stead for other challenges in life.’

Rory Swann, Cornerstone Moray
OUtfit Moray Lossiemouth
Bike Revolution, OUtfit Moray, Lossiemouth
Bike Revolution, Outfit Moray, Lossiemouth