Reasons to ride


Curb your CO2: In Scotland, sixty-three percent of car journeys are less than five miles. It’s been estimated that if all commutes less than five miles were cycled, it would save enough CO2 to heat 17,000 homes a week.

Fewer fumes: Not only do bikes produce no CO2 emissions themselves, but Imperial College in London have found that cyclists breathe in fewer fumes – 8,000 ultrafine particles per cubic centimetre compared to 40,000 inhaled by those in cars.

Energy Efficiency: Cyclists do the equivalent of 2,924 miles to the gallon. And the fuel that they consume is a lot more renewable than the fuel pumped into cars.

Reasons to ride


Keep the Doctor at bay: Research from North Carolina has shown that people who cycle for thirty minutes, five times a week, take half as many sick days as those who do little or no exercise.

A quicker commute: Research by Citroen found that commuting by bike in the major cities of the UK takes half as long as driving to work. This is probably due to the half a million traffic jams in Britain every year.

Improve your thinking: Illinois University have found that an improvement in cardio-respiratory fitness leads to a significant improvement in mental tests. Another study found that just twenty-five minutes of exercise boosts creative thinking, breaking mental b