Our Kickstart programme aims to show young people there are different life choices available to them, by providing outdoor activities that may otherwise be inaccessible to them due to poor social connections and a lack of finances. Tackling alcohol related harm with outdoor adventures can help prevent young people from following poor examples and potentially avoid, or reduce, their own misuse of alcohol, thus providing them with the opportunity to improve their prospects.

Outdoor learning and adventure and things to do in Moray

Kickstart helps support young people in Moray who struggle with (or have the potential to) issues related to the misuse of alcohol; either within their family environment or through personal use.  In 2018 we were delighted to receive two separate funding grants to enable us to delivery Kickstart programmes in Moray.

In February 2018, we were also successful in winning tsiMORAY’s #YouChoose campaign and received funding to deliver two programmes for young people affected by alcohol. We were also delighted to receive a generous grant of £9,000 from the Scotch Whisky Action Fund.

Current Kickstart Programmes:

We currently have four active Kickstart programmes running in March, April, May and June (dates below).  More information on the individual event activities can be found by clicking on the dates below and you will find our Kickstart Referral Form linked on each programme event.

The Scotch Whisky Action Fund was set up in 2013 by the Scotch Whisky Association to help address the excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol, which can have implications for health and a range of social problems, including anti-social behaviour, accidents, violence, family break-down, problems with money and work, which can impact individuals, families and communities.  The Fund extends the Scottish Whisky Association’s commitment to promoting responsible drinking and is managed by an independent charity, Foundation Scotland.

Scotch Whisky Action Fund

tsiMORAY helps to grow anddevelop volunteeringcommunity groups, charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises across MorayAs part of this role they help the groups and individuals they work with take part in local planning and decision-making processes that affect them.  Wherever possible they support and encourage peer learning and mutual exchange to build capacity.  They hope that by empowering people to take in strengthening their communities they can deliver a greater impact and more sustainable future for Moray’s third sector.