Thank you to Jen Price and Rhys Griffiths

A huge thank you to Jen Price, who organised a social mountain bike ride for the girls of Flow Riders in December 2017 and used to to raise funds for Outfit Moray by holding a raffle on the day.  They raised £50, for which we are extremely grateful for and for their time and effort! Using the outdoors to raise funds for outdoor learning and adventure was a perfect way to go, thank you ladies!
Flow Riders Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray
Rhys Outdoor learning and adventure Outfit Moray
In December, 13 year old Rhys Griffiths joined Trustees, Claire and David Alldritt, on their 10k challenge.  Rhys had heard about the challenge and decided he wanted to do his own fundraising for Outfit Moray to say thank you for his newly found love of mountain biking.  Rhys, Claire and David pushed on through freezing and miserable weather and they all finished their challenge in good time!  Well done Rhys, we are very proud of your MTB skills and thank you to Claire and David too for their commitment (or craziness)! You can read more in Rhy’s press release on Insidemoray.